Sony Micro Vault USM16GR 16 GB Pen Drive - USM16GR -  -

Sony Micro Vault USM16GR 16 GB Pen Drive - USM16GR - -

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Product Description

Flaunt among your friends your new stylish Sony Micro Vault Classic Pen Drive that offers a large 16 GB of storage space.

Simple and Stylish Model

Crafted in a simple yet fashionable manner, this pen drive goes one step ahead to give you a more satisfying experience.

Retractable USB Connector

Preventing your drive from dust and damage, this drive has been constructed with a retractable USB connector ensuring longer endurance.

Hi-Speed USB 2.0

Experience fast rates of data transfer with this Sony Micro Vault pen drive as you copy videos, photos and more to and from the pen drive.

Convenient Transfer of Large Files

Conveniently transfer large data files with the fast data rates that makes your job so much quicker.

Plug and Play

Intended for both beginners and pro’s, this drive adopts a simple plug and play technique that avoids all installations.



Product Description

Transfer movies, videos and other files from your personal computer or laptop without any hassles with the Sony Micro Vault USM16GR pen drive that has a storage space of 16 GB.


Design and Performance

This pen drive has a stylish and compact design with a retractable USB connector that protects the drive from dust and damage to make it more durable. The Hi-Speed USB 2.0 technology makes the transfer of even large files easy.




Plug this pen drive on to the USB port of the computer, transfer or store files to its 16 GB storage space and work on your projects without delay.



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