HDSON Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with refrigerator

HDSON Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with refrigerator

Product Code: HWD-31CB
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Item specifics

  • Capacity: 20 liter
  • Color: White
  • Filling type: From the Top
  • Temperature control type: Hot, Cold and Warm

Product Description

Install HDSON Water Dispenser and enjoy drinking fresh water during exhaustive summers. It is an ideal choice for personal as well as commercial use. The HWD-31D water dispenser has an excellent capacity for storing 20 liters of water at the same time. Plus, the three-tap design has clear markings for hot, cold, and regular water. With the anti-spill system, the water cooler keeps the floor clean and dry.

Convenient Use

The HWD-31D water dispenser boast of three-tap design with identifiable markings for supplying cold, hot, and normal water. It features a digital interface for effortless application. With an easy installation process, you can set up the water cooler within moments.

Optimum Performance

The refrigerator uses innovative technology for cooling and heating the water. Also, the anti-spill system ensures the floor around HWD-31D water dispenser is dry to avoid slips and falls.

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