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Sony, Sony PS4 Gran Turismo Sport Game Disc - Sport | PlayStation Games - CUSA-02168-PS4 - - PlayStation & Accessories

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  • Playing Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer
  • Type of Console Software: PS4
  • Video Game Genre: Sports

Product Description

Gran Turismo Sport will be introducing even more modes. There will still be an Arcade mode that allows players to race against AI. They can against their friends and even against themselves. A Campaign mode where players progress through the ranks. A Circuit Experience mode that encourages players to master a specific track. An online Sport mode consisting of multiplayer and FIA sanctioned races, as well as 137 offline challenges to complete. Players’ ages and regions will break down the Leaderboards for the Sport mode.

One of the most exciting features talked about by Sony was the the Federation International Automobile sanctions the inclusion of real online competitions via Sports mode. With this addition players will be able to go online and race against other players as a representative of their home country or car manufacturer. Players will be encouraged to build their own racing careers from the ground up, creating a name for themselves within the global community.


·         Drive only the fastest, and most sought after cars in the world – 137 of the best cars in the world have made the cut, from Vision Gran Turismo concept vehicles and GT SPORT exclusive prototypes to the best in real world motoring;

·         All cars have been built from the ground up to deliver the most realistic looking cars ever available in Gran Turismo;

·         The legendary “Tokyo Expressway” and more new tracks – Race your way through multiple tracks and locations across the world, including the ever-popular Nürburgring Nordschleife (North Loop), and a host of new tracks such as the half mile oval the “Northern Isle Speedway”;

·         Brand new handling – With a new physics engine and more realistic handling, GT Sport provides a range of driving experiences to suit first time players right through to seasoned pro’s;

·         Vision GT – More than two dozen exclusive concept cars, designed exclusively with auto manufacturers and global brands, including Bugatti, Aston Martin, and Mercedes;

·         Brand Central – A new form of car discovery through an interactive past, present, and future timeline through the lens of auto manufacturers;

·         Introducing the worlds first and only official FIA (Federation International Automobile) Online Championship – Represent and compete for your home country or favorite car manufacturer through two sanctioned Championships;

·         Advanced Matchmaking – Compete against your friends or the world with multiple class divisions across age, region, and driving manners, allow drivers of all skill levels to race and develop competitively; and

·         Watch and Participate – Compete in races or watch the best in the world go head to head in a live race program. It is because they compete to build their own driving legacy, and to be crowned global champions.


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