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Welcome to the website of ATCO - Al-Haidari Trading Company - Yemen.

If you are a minor or under the age of 18, you can purchase from the website through one of your parents or guardians.

If you wish to browse the site and purchase from its displayed products, you must agree to the terms and conditions unless you have to leave the site.

Create a new account on the site: In order to be able to buy from the Atco site, you need to log in and create an account that includes information about you so that the buying and selling process is done well, and if you want to remove it, you have the right to do so.


You must refrain from:

Republish material from the ATCO website on other websites or applications without explicit reference to the ATCO website.

• Selling, renting or licensing materials from the Website without consulting or obtaining the express consent of ATCO.

• Misrepresentation of the materials of the ATCO website and then referring to it after distorting the form and basic content of the materials, as the ATCO website provided the materials with the knowledge that they are valid for proper use.

Acceptable appropriate use:

You must refrain from using the ATCO Website in any manner that causes or may cause damage to it or impair the availability or accessibility of it or use it in any way that is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful or related to any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful purpose or activity .

The trade name ATCO and its logo are registered as a trademark owned by Al-Haidari Trading Company.

You must not use the ATCO Website to reproduce, store, host, transmit, transmit, use, publish or distribute any material that contains (or is linked to) any Spyware, Computer Virus, Trojan Horse, Worm or logger Keystroke Logger, rootkit, or any malicious or malicious computer programs.


Breach of these terms and conditions


In the event of a breach of one of these terms and damage to the digital content of the ATCO website, we will take all the methods we deem appropriate to protect the site, as well as limit the access of your devices that carry the same service provider to our content, in addition to filing lawsuits against you to recover all material and moral losses to the name of the company in the local and global market.


Orders Prices Payment and Delivery:

• The request submitted by you through the website is considered a request from you to purchase the product from ATCO. Upon completing the request, the website will automatically send a confirmation message to your mobile SMS or to your email, which is nothing but a confirmation and acknowledgment from us to receive your request, and does not necessarily mean acceptance of your request.

• You have the right to cancel your order at any time before you receive the confirmation message.

• You have the right to choose the payment method, either by transferring the amount through any of the banks that the site deals with, or by paying in cash upon receiving the product.

• Delivery of all products on all days of the week except Friday and public holidays.


product view

All the images shown on the websites we try to be somewhat similar to the original products, so we assure you that they do not completely match the reality.


What information do we get and how do we use it

Make sure that every time you visit our site and browse its products, we store your device address unless you use any hidden browser, so all your data is an aid to us to support and develop the smooth browsing process and self-feeding of all the products that interest you and that you frequently search for, and this information also helps us for the developers of this The site because it serves them according to the behavior of visitors, moving them between sections of the site and their response to the questionnaires from time to time.


Updates and newsletter

Because ATCO is in constant contact with the pioneers of its site, it provides the newsletter and sends all that is new and modern from its products to the e-mail of its visitors if they wish to do so and according to their acceptance of the terms of the site in order to keep you always receiving all updates.


Communication ways

Main Branch Address: Haddah Street, Sana'a, Yemen - Al-Haidari Trade Center - Fourth Floor

P.O. Box: Sana'a, Yemen 2942

Tel: 00967-1-503976/7/8/9

Administration: 00967-1-503983